Our editorial team welcomes articles from the public. After undergoing the usual verification process, if such articles are found to be authentic and newsworthy, we would gladly feature it on our page. We all are watchdogs in our community, and so we encourage you to send in eye witness reports backed up with videos and pictures for it to come into the spotlight.

We try to be as efficient as possible, and that’s why spreading our tentacles to various communities through those who have subscribed to be watchdogs – could not have been a wiser initiative. Through this measure, we have successfully featured stories that aren’t commonplace or predictable, and possibly putting an end to some ills that have gone unnoticed in some communities over time.

To this end, we encourage you to enlist to be a watchdog, for that’s how we can collectively have a world that spells justice, peace, and unity. The process is straightforward but guided by stringent rules and guidelines. The reason is so we keep churning in information to the masses that can’t be faulted over time.

We also take credit for some information sent to us by our watchdogs, and in those special cases, we offer financial remuneration to claim ownership. Our brand is very dear to us, and that’s why the scrutiny of editorials isn’t taken likely, so we don’t have to face legal battles.

Nevertheless, those who are looking to advertise their work and build a following for themselves online could guest post on our magazine, and depending on how well your publication does with our viewers, we could encourage more of it.

We thrive for excellence in everything we do, and that’s one reason we are still in business and garnering the following and viewership we command. Naturally, we don’t expect anything less from contents submitted for publication.

Our style guide is expected to be followed to the T with nothing left out if your content is to grace our pages. However, we encourage you not to give up or feel disconcerted when your article fails our test. It’s possible your article isn’t the best fit at the moment, but with regular submissions and improvement in what you do, you would come through. Only don’t give up.

As much as possible, we encourage those wanting to submit editorials to follow our magazine online, and notice how we do what we do; that way, sending your work will naturally blend.